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Revision History
Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Fedora.
Tue Oct 30 2018, Petr Bokoč (
Fedora 29 Final release
All external links are now converted to HTTPS where applicable (link:++[issue 7])
The chapter about *anacron* now mentions that it won't run by default when the system is being powered by a battery (link:++[issue 8])
Fixed a keyring name in the Kernel Module Authentication chapter (link:++[issue 11])
Removed mentions of *rsyslog* as a default syslog
Various fixes related to the new publishing system
Sun Jun 25, 2017, Ryan (
Converted document to asciidocs, updated table refs, removed manual line breaks, fixed formatting and some grammar
Mon Nov 14 2016, Petr Bokoč (
Fedora 25 release of the [citetitle]_System Administrator's Guide_.
Tue June 21 2016, Stephen Wadeley (
Fedora 24 release of the [citetitle]_System Administrator's Guide_.