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Manually Upgrading the Kernel
indexterm:[kernel,upgrading the kernel]indexterm:[kernel,package]indexterm:[kernel,RPM package]indexterm:[package,kernel RPM] The {MAJOROS} kernel is custom-built by the {MAJOROS} kernel team to ensure its integrity and compatibility with supported hardware. Before a kernel is released, it must first pass a rigorous set of quality assurance tests.
{MAJOROS} kernels are packaged in the RPM format so that they are easy to upgrade and verify using the [application]*DNF* or [application]*PackageKit* package managers. [application]*PackageKit* automatically queries the DNF repositories and informs you of packages with available updates, including kernel packages.
This chapter is therefore *only* useful for users who need to manually update a kernel package using the [command]#rpm# command instead of [command]#dnf#. indexterm:[kernel,installing kernel packages]indexterm:[installing the kernel]