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Configuration Files
*ldap.conf*(5) — The manual page for the `ldap.conf` file describes the format and options available within the configuration file for LDAP clients.
*slapd-config*(5) — Describes the format and options available within the `/etc/openldap/slapd.d` configuration directory.
Online Documentation
The current version of the [citetitle]_OpenLDAP Software Administrator's Guide_.
Jeff Hodges' [citetitle]_LDAP Roadmap & FAQ_ containing links to several useful resources and emerging news concerning the LDAP protocol.
A collection of articles that offer a good introduction to LDAP, including methods to design a directory tree and customizing directory structures.
A website of developers of several useful LDAP tools.
Related Books
[citetitle]_OpenLDAP by Example_ by John Terpstra and Benjamin Coles; Prentice Hall.
A collection of practical exercises in the OpenLDAP deployment.
[citetitle]_Implementing LDAP_ by Mark Wilcox; Wrox Press, Inc.
A book covering LDAP from both the system administrator's and software developer's perspective.
[citetitle]_Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services_ by Tim Howes et al.; Macmillan Technical Publishing.
A book covering LDAP design principles, as well as its deployment in a production environment.