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Install the [application]*SYSLINUX* bootloader on the USB storage device:
~]#{nbsp}syslinux /dev/sdX1
...where _sdX_ is the device name.
Create mount points for `boot.iso` and the USB storage device:
~]#{nbsp}mkdir /mnt/isoboot /mnt/diskboot
Mount `boot.iso`:
~]#{nbsp}mount -o loop boot.iso /mnt/isoboot
Mount the USB storage device:
~]#{nbsp}mount /dev/sdX1 /mnt/diskboot
Copy the [application]*ISOLINUX* files from the `boot.iso` to the USB storage device:
~]#{nbsp}cp /mnt/isoboot/isolinux/* /mnt/diskboot
Use the `isolinux.cfg` file from `boot.iso` as the `syslinux.cfg` file for the USB device:
~]#{nbsp}grep -v local /mnt/isoboot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg > /mnt/diskboot/syslinux.cfg
Unmount `boot.iso` and the USB storage device:
~]#{nbsp}umount /mnt/isoboot /mnt/diskboot
You should reboot the machine with the boot media and verify that you are able to boot with it before continuing.
Alternatively, on systems with a floppy drive, you can create a boot diskette by installing the [package]*mkbootdisk* package and running the [command]#mkbootdisk# command as `root`. See [command]#man mkbootdisk# man page after installing the package for usage information.
To determine which kernel packages are installed, execute the command [command]#dnf list installed "kernel-*"# at a shell prompt. The output will comprise some or all of the following packages, depending on the system's architecture, and the version numbers might differ:
~]# dnf list installed "kernel-*"
Last metadata expiration check performed 0:28:51 ago on Tue May 26 21:22:39 2015.
Installed Packages
kernel-core.x86_64 4.0.3-300.fc22 @System
kernel-core.x86_64 4.0.4-300.fc22 @System
kernel-core.x86_64 4.0.4-301.fc22 @System
kernel-headers.x86_64 4.0.4-301.fc22 @System
kernel-modules.x86_64 4.0.3-300.fc22 @System
kernel-modules.x86_64 4.0.4-300.fc22 @System
kernel-modules.x86_64 4.0.4-301.fc22 @System
From the output, determine which packages need to be downloaded for the kernel upgrade. For a single processor system, the only required package is the [package]*kernel* package. See xref:Manually_Upgrading_the_Kernel.adoc#s1-kernel-packages[Overview of Kernel Packages] for descriptions of the different packages.