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An `x` appears in the password field indicating that the system is using shadow group passwords.
As `root`, add the following line at the beginning of the `/etc/profile` file to make sure the processing of this file cannot be interrupted:
As `root`, create the `/opt/myproject/` directory by typing the following at a shell prompt:
Associate the contents of the `/opt/myproject/` directory with the `myproject` group:
At this point, all members of the `myproject` group can create and edit files in the `/opt/myproject/` directory without the administrator having to change file permissions every time users write new files. To verify that the permissions have been set correctly, run the following command:
At this point, a locked account called `juan` exists on the system. To activate it, the administrator must next assign a password to the account using the [command]#passwd# command and, optionally, set password aging guidelines.
A UID greater than 999 is created. Under {MAJOROS}, UIDs below 1000 are reserved for system use and should not be assigned to users.
Avoid using null passwords whenever possible
chage command line options
[command]#chage# [option]`-d` [option]`0` _username_
[command]#chage# _options_ _username_
[command]#chmod 2775 /opt/myproject#
[command]#chown root:myproject /opt/myproject#
[command]#dnf# [option]`install` [option]`screen`
[command]#groupadd myproject#
Command line utilities for managing users and groups
[command]#mkdir /opt/myproject#
[command]#passwd# [option]`-d` _username_
[command]#passwd# _username_
[command]#useradd# _options_ _username_