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The [citetitle]_System Administrator's Guide_ contains information on how to customize the {MAJOROSVER} system to fit your needs. If you are looking for a comprehensive, task-oriented guide for configuring and customizing your system, this is the manual for you.
This manual discusses many intermediate topics such as the following:
Installing and managing packages using [application]*DNF*
Configuring [application]*Apache HTTP Server*, [application]*Postfix*, [application]*Sendmail* and other enterprise-class servers and software
Working with kernel modules and upgrading the kernel
Some of the graphical procedures and menu locations are specific to GNOME, but most command line instructions will be universally applicable.
Target Audience
The [citetitle]_System Administrator's Guide_ assumes you have a basic understanding of the {MAJOROS} operating system. If you need help with the installation of this system, refer to the link:++[{MAJOROS} Installation Guide].
How to Read this Book
This manual is divided into the following main categories:
xref:basic-system-configuration/intro-basic-system-configuration.adoc[Basic System Configuration]
This part covers basic system administration tasks such as keyboard configuration, date and time configuration, managing users and groups, and gaining privileges.
xref:basic-system-configuration/Opening_GUI_Applications.adoc[Opening Graphical Applications] describes methods for opening `Graphical User Interface`, or _GUI_, applications in various environments.
xref:basic-system-configuration/System_Locale_and_Keyboard_Configuration.adoc[System Locale and Keyboard Configuration] covers basic language and keyboard setup. Read this chapter if you need to configure the language of your desktop, change the keyboard layout, or add the keyboard layout indicator to the panel.
xref:basic-system-configuration/Configuring_the_Date_and_Time.adoc[Configuring the Date and Time] covers the configuration of the system date and time. Read this chapter if you need to set or change the date and time.
xref:basic-system-configuration/Managing_Users_and_Groups.adoc[Managing Users and Groups] covers the management of users and groups in a graphical user interface and on the command line. Read this chapter if you need to manage users and groups on your system, or enable password aging.
xref:basic-system-configuration/Gaining_Privileges.adoc[Gaining Privileges] covers ways to gain administrative privileges using setuid programs such as [command]#su# and [command]#sudo#.
xref:package-management/intro-package-management.adoc[Package Management]
This part describes how to manage software packages on {MAJOROS} using [application]*DNF*.