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If you want your X11 layout to differ from the console layout, use the [option]`--no-convert` option.
[command]#localectl# [option]`--no-convert` [option]`set-x11-keymap` _map_
With this option, the X11 keymap is specified without changing the previous console layout setting.
Setting the X11 Keymap Separately
Imagine you want to use German keyboard layout in the graphical interface, but for console operations you want to retain the US keymap. To do so, type as `root`:
~]#{nbsp}localectl --no-convert set-x11-keymap pass:quotes[_de_]
Then you can verify if your setting was successful by checking the current status:
~]${nbsp}localectl status
System Locale: LANG=de_DE.UTF-8
VC Keymap: us
X11 Layout: de
Apart from keyboard layout (_map_), three other options can be specified:
[command]#localectl# [option]`set-x11-keymap` _map_ _model_ _variant_ _options_
Replace _model_ with the keyboard model name, _variant_ and _options_ with keyboard variant and option components, which can be used to enhance the keyboard behavior. These options are not set by default. For more information on X11 Model, X11 Variant, and X11 Options see the `kbd(4)` man page.
For more information on how to configure the keyboard layout on Fedora, see the resources listed below:
Installed Documentation
`localectl`(1) — The manual page for the [command]#localectl# command line utility documents how to use this tool to configure the system locale and keyboard layout.
`loadkeys`(1) — The manual page for the [command]#loadkeys# command provides more information on how to use this tool to change the keyboard layout in a virtual console.