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Interactive top commands
|kbd:[Enter], kbd:[Space]|Immediately refreshes the display.
|kbd:[h], kbd:[?]|Displays a help screen.
|kbd:[k]|Kills a process. You are prompted for the process ID and the signal to send to it.
|kbd:[n]|Changes the number of displayed processes. You are prompted to enter the number.
|kbd:[u]|Sorts the list by user.
|kbd:[M]|Sorts the list by memory usage.
|kbd:[P]|Sorts the list by CPU usage.
|kbd:[q]|Terminates the utility and returns to the shell prompt.
Using the System Monitor Tool
indexterm:[gnome-system-monitor]indexterm:[System Monitor] The `Processes` tab of the [application]*System Monitor* tool allows you to view, search for, change the priority of, and kill processes from the graphical user interface.
To start the [application]*System Monitor* tool, either select menu:Applications[System Tools > `System Monitor`pass:attributes[{blank}]] from the Activities menu, or type [command]#gnome-system-monitor# at a shell prompt. Then click the `Processes` tab to view the list of running processes.
System Monitor — Processes
The Processes tab of the System Monitor application.
For each listed process, the [application]*System Monitor* tool displays its name (`Process Name`), current status (`Status`), percentage of the memory usage (`% CPU`), nice value (`Nice`), process ID (`ID`), memory usage (`Memory`), the channel the process is waiting in (`Waiting Channel`), and additional details about the session (`Session`). To sort the information by a specific column in ascending order, click the name of that column. Click the name of the column again to toggle the sort between ascending and descending order.
By default, the [application]*System Monitor* tool displays a list of processes that are owned by the current user. Selecting various options from the View menu allows you to:
view only active processes,
view all processes,
view your processes,
view process dependencies,
view a memory map of a selected process,
view the files opened by a selected process, and
refresh the list of processes.
Additionally, various options in the Edit menu allows you to:
stop a process,
continue running a stopped process,