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Fedora Linux 35 contains PHP 8.0.x, the latest major update of the PHP language. PHP 8.0.x contains many new features and optimizations, detailed at the link:++https://www.php.net/releases/8.0/en.php++[upstream announcement]. Fedora Linux 35 memuat PHP 8.0.x, pembaruan mayor terakahir dari bahasa PHP. PHP 8.0.x memuat banyak optimisasi dan fitur baru, dirinci pada link:++https://www.php.net/releases/8.0/en.php++[pengumuman hulu].
php-xmlrpc php-xmlrpc
php-pecl-apcu-bc php-pecl-apcu-bc
php-pecl-timecop php-pecl-timecop
php-pecl-xdebug php-pecl-xdebug
php-pecl-propro php-pecl-propro