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Anaconda changes
Anaconda now displays a warning if you use an Anaconda-specific boot option without the `inst.` prefix. In the next release (Fedora 34), support for using these options without a prefix will be removed completely.
`/boot` can now be on a Btrfs volume.
General changes
Georgian translations now work correctly on the Welcome screen.
In the Software Selection screen, lines in labels are now automatically broken in order to prevent the screen becoming wider than the display.
Kickstart changes
New Kickstart command `timesource` has been added. See the link:https://pykickstart.readthedocs.io/en/latest/kickstart-docs.html#timesource[upstream documentation] for details. The `--ntpservers` and `--nontp` options of the `timezone` command will be deprecated in future releases as the new command replaces their functionality.
On Fedora Workstation, the default partitioning scheme has been changed to Btrfs. See xref:sysadmin/Distribution.adoc#btrfs-by-default[Distribution-wide Changes] for more information.
Sending of custom vendor-class-identifier to a dhcp server has been fixed both for Kickstart `network --dhcpclass` command and the `inst.dhcpclass` boot option.
The `--biospart` option of the `harddrive` command has been removed. This option was implemented as a placeholder for future implementation which was never finished.
The `default_partitioning` configuration option in the `Storage` section now accepts a list of mount points and their attributes. See the link:https://anaconda-installer.readthedocs.io/en/latest/configuration-files.html[upstream documentation] for details.
The graphical installer will now show a warning message if you input an invalid partition/volume/subvolume size in custom partitioning.
The installer now checks whether existing partitions are mounted. Previously, only newly created partitions were checked.
The installer now displays the correct error message when no Linux partitions are detected in rescue mode.
The installer now runs the `%onerror` and `%traceback` scripts for all types of exceptions now. Previously, these scripts were not run for example on `NonInteractiveError` exceptions in command line mode, which prevented them from handling failures during automated installs that could not proceed with the given configuration.
The installer now runs `zram-generator` instead of its own implementation of the zRAM service. The `inst.zram` boot option is now deprecated. This change is related to the xref:sysadmin/Distribution.adoc#zram-swap[zRAM swap] feature.
The installer now uses the keyfile format instead of `ifcfg` to store network configuration passed through the UI or boot options. Kickstart-specified network options are still currently saved in `ifcfg`.
The installer's crash reporting mechanism now produces correct bug identification hashes, which prevents Anaconda bugs from being filed as duplicates.