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Any set of digits in the Common script are legal in a script run of another script
Assigning non-zero to `$[` is fatal
Delimiters must now be graphemes
`-Drv` now means something on `-DDEBUGGING` builds
Eliminate `opASSIGN` macro usage from core
Fatalize `$*` and `$#`
Fatalize unqualified use of `dump()`
Fedora 31 provides Perl 5.30. Notable changes include:
In XS code, use of various macros dealing with UTF-8.
It is now possible to compile perl to always use thread-safe locale operations
`JSON::PP` enable `allow_nonref` by default
Limited variable length lookbehind in regular expression pattern matching is now experimentally supported
`my()` in false conditional prohibited
`pack()` no longer can return malformed UTF-8
Pattern delimiters now must be graphemes
Perl 5.30
Previously deprecated `sysread()`/`syswrite()` on `:utf8` handles now fatal
`qr'\N\{name}'` is now supported
Removed features and incompatible changes include: