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Perl 5.30
Fedora 31 provides Perl 5.30. Notable changes include:
Unicode 12.1 is supported
The upper limit `n` specifiable in a regular expression quantifier of the form `{m,n}`` has been doubled to 65534
Wildcards in Unicode property value specifications are now partially supported
`qr'\N\{name}'` is now supported
It is now possible to compile perl to always use thread-safe locale operations
Limited variable length lookbehind in regular expression pattern matching is now experimentally supported
Use faster method to convert to UTF-8
Turkic UTF-8 locales are now seamlessly supported
Eliminate `opASSIGN` macro usage from core
`-Drv` now means something on `-DDEBUGGING` builds
Removed features and incompatible changes include:
Removed modules: `Math::BigInt::CalcEmu`, `arybase`, `Locale::Code`, `B::Debug`
Pattern delimiters now must be graphemes
Delimiters must now be graphemes
Some formerly deprecated uses of an unescaped left brace `{` in regular expression patterns are now illegal
Assigning non-zero to `$[` is fatal
Previously deprecated `sysread()`/`syswrite()` on `:utf8` handles now fatal