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NFS server is configured with `/etc/nfs.conf` instead of `/etc/sysconfig/nfs`
Since the beginning, `/etc/sysconfig/nfs` has been used to configure NFS server daemons by specifying extra command-line arguments with which the daemon executable should be invoked. This mechanism has been replaced by the configuration file `/etc/nfs.conf`. Each of the services that compose the NFS server stack reads this file on its own and uses the relevant parts, and `/etc/sysconfig/nfs` is not read anymore.
On upgrades, automatic conversion from `/etc/sysconfig/nfs` to `/etc/nfs.conf` is performed by the `nfs-convert.service` systemd service.
DNF repository metadata is now compressed using zchunk
In Fedora 30, **DNF** package repository metadata is compressed using the `zchunk` format in addition to `xz` and `gzip` formats used previously.
`zchunk` is a new compression format designed to allow for highly efficient deltas. When Fedora's metadata is compressed using `zchunk`, DNF will download only the differences between any earlier copies of the metadata and the current version. DNF and related tools will see significant reductions in the size of the metadata they download, especially if they are run on a regular basis.
For more information about `zchunk`, see the following articles by the change owner:
link:https://www.jdieter.net/posts/2018/04/30/introducing-zchunk/[Introducing zchunk]
link:https://www.jdieter.net/posts/2018/05/31/what-is-zchunk/[What is zchunk?]
link:https://github.com/zchunk/zchunk/blob/master/README.md[How to use the zchunk utilities]
link:https://github.com/zchunk/zchunk/blob/master/zchunk_format.txt[The zchunk file format]