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`%\{extension_cxxflags}` and
This link:[currently means] that no GCC plugins (such as annobin) are activated and no GCC spec files (`-specs=` arguments) are used by default when building Python extension modules (e.g. with `python3 build`).
The `python3-devel` package will lose its runtime dependency on `redhat-rpm-config` (which was only required for annobin support and GCC spec files).
The change affects building extension modules by users, outside of the RPM environment. The Python standard library and Fedora's Python 3 RPM packages are still built with the "traditional" set of flags (`%\{build_cflags}` etc.), unless the package uses nonstandard methods to build the extensions.
Only Python 3.7 and 3.6 will be changed.
For detailed information about this change, including justification and impact on Python developers and packages, see the link:[Change page on the Wiki].