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Golang 1.12
Fedora 30 provides **Golang** version 1.12, up from version 1.11 in Fedora 29. Notable changes include:
New features
The race detector is now supported on 64-bit ARM systems (`linux/arm64`).
The `go` command now supports module-aware operations outside a module directory when `GO111MODULE` is set to `on`.
The compiler now has improved live variable analysis.
`godoc` now supports the `-all` flag (prints all exported APIs and their documentation) and the `-src` flag (shows the target's source code).
`trace` now supports plotting mutator utilization curves.
Sweeping performance is significantly improved when a large fraction of the heap remains live
Added opt-in support for TLS 1.3 in the `crypto/tls` package
The `go tool vet` command is no longer supported. Use `go vet` instead from now on.
Version 1.12 is the last one that supports binary-only packages.
`godoc` no longer has a command line interface and is only a web server
For full information about this release, see the link:[upstream release notes].