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Improved installation of localization packages
Language support groups in Comps file have been replaced by weak rich dependencies in the langpacks package. Previously users could get complete language support installed using the command `dnf group install <language>-support` but now from this release, meta-langpacks packages are used to install language related packages.
Now langpacks packages also install the required fonts and input-methods for a given language, making the language comps groups redundant, and therefore the language support groups have been removed. Users can now get their language support if required by installing the appropriate meta-package `langpacks-<langcode>`.
Pango now supports Unicode 11 standard for international text handling.
Pango package update 1.43.0
Replace Comps Language Group With Langpacks
The installation process for localization packages has been improved. See the xref:sysadmin/Installation.adoc#install-l10n[Installation section] for details.
This does not affect kickstart based installations as `--addsupport` already installs `langpacks-<lang>` for the given additional languages. However, any custom kickstart files that explicitly use a `<language>-support` group under `%packages` need to be updated to use the corresponding `langpacks-<langcode>` meta package instead.