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NSS loads p11-kit modules by default
Fedora provides a mechanism to configure PKCS#11 modules system wide, allowing crypto libraries (GnuTLS and OpenSSL) to use PKCS#11 modules in a consistent manner. Until now, NSS applications haven't benefited from it as NSS uses a different configuration mechanism which requires users to register PKCS#11 modules in NSS databases. Fedora 29 makes this manual procedure unnecessary by registering the `p11-kit-proxy` module (system PKCS#11 module aggregator) in NSS databases with the default configuration. This allows NSS applciations to use PKCS#11 modules the same as other crypto libraries, enabling consistency in PKCS#11 driver registration across the system. Consequently, users will see improvements in smart card and hardware security module (HSM) use in Fedora.