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CPU Accelerated Graphics
Systems with older or no graphics acceleration devices can have accelerated desktop environments using *LLVMpipe* technology, which uses the CPU to render graphics. *LLVMpipe* requires a processor with `SSE2` extensions. The extensions supported by your processor are listed in the `flags:` section of `/proc/cpuinfo`
Choosing a Desktop Environment for your hardware
Fedora {PRODVER}'s default desktop environment, *GNOME3*, functions best with hardware acceleration. Alternative desktops are recommended for users with older graphics hardware or those seeing insufficient performance with *LLVMpipe*.
Desktop environments can be added to an existing installation and selected at login. To list the available desktops, use the [command]`dnf grouplist` command:
# dnf grouplist -v hidden | grep desktop
Install the desired group:
# dnf groupinstall "KDE Plasma Workspaces"
Or, use the short group name to install:
# dnf install @mate-desktop-environment