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The number of dependencies for *Initial Setup* has been massively decreased, which enables it to run on systems with a significantly lower amount of memory than before.
The progress bar displayed while the installation is in progress is now more accurate.
The `pykickstart` and `blivet` libraries, which are used to handle Kickstart processing and storage configuration respectively, have been both upgraded to version `3`.
These changes have been made in order to reduce redundancy between **Anaconda**, **Initial Setup**, and **GNOME Initial Setup**, which could previously all ask you to perform the same setup tasks.
This section describes changes in the *Anaconda* installer.
When you install the _Workstation_ variant of Fedora 28 using the live image, you will now be prompted to create a user account by *GNOME Initial Setup* instead of Anaconda. Additionally, you will no longer be prompted to set a root password during the installation of Fedora Workstation using the live image. The `root` account will be disabled by default; you can enable it by setting a password for it using the `sudo passwd` command. If you do not reenable the `root` account, you can still perform any administrative tasks using `sudo` and your user password.
You can now add sources in `InstallClass`