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the zlib module has been refactored and all its operations will now yield appropriately, allowing them to be used freely in concurrent applications.
so-called 'dirty schedulers' are available on systems with SMP;
More information about the changes in Erlang is available from the[Erlang website]. More information about the improved integration into Fedora is available from the Fedora[change description].
improved unicode support for strings;
improved logging to journald;
improved Erlang Packaging Guidelines.
Fedora's Erlang package maintainers have also improved the integration of Erlang with the rest of the system. Erlang developers can now benefit from:
Erlang/OTP has been updated to version 20. Highlights from the changes introduced in v20 include:
Erlang applications can now handle some OS signals (SIGHUP, for example);
Erlang 20
atoms may now contain arbitrary Unicode characters (for example, 'здравствуй-你好');
access to D-Bus from the erlang-dbus package;