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A new version of perl is released every year and version 5.26 is 2017's stable release. This release includes three updates with widespread effects:
`do` may now warn
`do` now gives a deprecation warning when it fails to load a file which it would have loaded had "." been in @INC.
For more information about this release, please see the http://search.cpan.org/dist/perl-5.26.0/pod/perldelta.pod[5.26.0 perldelta] web page.
For security reasons, the current directory (".") is no longer included by default at the end of the module search path (@INC). This may have widespread implications for the building, testing and installing of modules, and for the execution of scripts.
In regular expression patterns, a literal left brace "{" must be escaped
"." no longer in @INC
Packaging of the Perl Core Modules
Perl 5.26
The release of Fedora 27 brings a change in the way that the Perl core modules are packaged by Fedora. In Perl, the core modules are the standard set of modules that ship with the Perl interpreter. Previously in Fedora, the Perl core modules were split into a number of subpackages in such a way that installing the `perl` package did not install the full set of Perl core modules. This behaviour was not what was expected by most Perl users and so, from Fedora 27, installing the `perl` package now installs the full set of Perl core modules. It is still possible to install only a minimal Perl interpreter by installing just the `perl-interpreter` package.
Unescaped literal { characters in regular expression patterns are no longer permitted. Use a pattern like "\{" or "[{]" to specify a match to a left brace.