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Authconfig cleanup
Obsolete and unmaintainable code was removed from [command]`authconfig`. Notably:
The graphical interface ([package]*system-config-authentication*) and the interactive text mode, which relied on old and unmaintained libraries (GTK+2 and Glade) have been removed from the distribution.
The command line tool, which has been deprecated previously, continues to be part of the distribution for legacy reasons. However, some deprecated and obsolete functionality such as support for `WINS` and `HESIOD` has been removed in this release.
The removal effort is happening because current modern environments support automatic configuration of remote user identities using `Realmd` and `SSSD` and do not require manual configuration through an interactive interface such as [package]*system-config-authentication*. Some of the existing authconfig command line functionality is being preserved due to it still retaining some usefulness in certain environments, and to support the [command]`auth` command in Kickstart. Removing parts of the code base that are no longer maintainable makes it easier to continue providing this functionality.