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[option]`--noswap` - do not create any swap space
[option]`--when=` - controls when the snapshot will be created. Use `pre-install` to create the snapshot before the installation begins, but after commands in the [command]`%pre` part of the Kickstart are executed, or use `post-install` to create the snapshot after the installation and after commands in the [command]`%post` part of the Kickstart are executed.
Other Anaconda Changes
snapshot pass:quotes[_vg/lv_] --name pass:quotes[_snapshot_name_] --when [post-install|pre-install]
The [application]*Initial Setup* post-setup text mode interface now runs on all available consoles.
The built-in help system, which was previously available in the graphical installation interface, has been extended to the text mode interface.
The installer now shows more detailed indication of current progress during all phases of the installation.
The [option]`inst.waitfornet=` boot option is now available. Use it to force the installer to wait for network connectivity before starting the installer interface for a specified number of seconds - for example, [option]`inst.waitfornet=30` to wait 30 seconds.
The previous partitioning interface continues to be available as alongside the new one. For additional information, see the link:++https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/AnacondaBlivetGUI++[Fedora Project Wiki].
The text mode interface now supports setting up IP over Inifiniband IPoIB connections in the Networking screen.
Three new options are now available for the [command]`autopart` command: