Taiga Operations
Adding a new user
If an author has not written for us before, you will have to add them to Taiga.
Because we use OpenID authentication, the new member will have to log in to teams.fedoraproject.org with their Fedora account _before_ you can add them.
To add a new user:
Click *Admin* (the gear icon) on the left-hand panel
Click *Members*
Click the *+New Member* button in the upper-right corner
Search by name or email address in the text box
Click the desired account
Select the *Writer* role from the *Choose a role* drop-down
Click the *Invite* button
The user is now added to the Magazine board and can be assigned to cards.
If the invite was mistakenly issued before the user had logged in to teams.fedoraproject.org, use the following steps to get Taiga to reconnect the invite with the user's OpenID.
Find the *Pending* invite at the end of the Members list
Click the big red button at the end of the row (the trash can icon)
Redo the "To add a new user" steps above _after_ the user has logged in
Creating a new card (user story)
When a proposal is approved, follow these steps.
From the https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/asamalik-fedora-magazine/kanban[Kanban page], click the *+* button in the *Article Spec* column