Contributing as a Fedora Magazine Editor
The duties of an editor are much like any blog owner. Occasionally editors also xref:contributing.adoc[contribute content] when the queue or backlog of content is running a little low. Editors take turns serving as the xref:editor-of-the-week.adoc[Editor of the Week].
Editors follow an xref:editorial-checklist.adoc[editorial checklist] to help articles meet a quality and content bar, and to ensure they're well searchable.
Editors hold a xref:editorial-meetings.adoc[weekly editorial meeting] to discuss and approve content, help guide authors, and figure out ways to improve the Magazine and further its mission. The best way to become an editor is to join the weekly meeting, and demonstrate your ability to contribute consistently.
Editors also xref:editorial-add-contributors.adoc[extend access to new contributors] so they can help with writing, art, and sometimes even editing itself.
Like most blogs and news sites, the Magazine receives feedback and comments from the public. Editors xref:approving-comments.adoc[moderate comments based on common guidelines]. They ensure that discussions stay constructive and discourage trolls and other bad actors.