$ podman run --rm -it asamalik/magazine-schedule
1/ Last week's stats
2/ In progress followup
3/ Finished articles to review
4/ Articles to edit
5/ Publishing schedule
6/ Editor of the Week
7/ Open floor
After the meeting
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) -- 
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) --
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) --
Also check the release schedule for upcoming tasks. This is generally only important a few weeks before the Beta and Final releases, but it doesn't hurt to check just to keep it in mind.
Announce the volunteer using:
Anything that's already finished can be moved to the Finished column.
Assign an editor and a cover image designer to each article so it can be moved forward.
Authors mark their articles as finished by moving them to this column. Review the articles and ehtier move them to the To Edit column, or in case they need some additional work, ask the author in the card about it and move it back the In Progress.
Before the end of the meeting, we need to select next week's xref:editor-of-the-week.adoc[Editor of the Week].
Chairing the meeting
Decide which articles should be published when and set the dates for each card on the board.