Find more information about the script in the https://github.com/asamalik/magazine-schedule[asamalik/magazine-schedule github repository].
When the schedule is set and agreed upon, announce it by:
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) -- 
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) --
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) --
6/ Editor of the Week
Before the end of the meeting, we need to select next week's xref:editor-of-the-week.adoc[Editor of the Week].
#topic 6/ Editor of the Week
Announce the volunteer using:
#info XXXX will be Editor of the Week next week
7/ Open floor
#topic 7/ Open floor
Meeting ends
After the meeting
Send the minutes to the forum. That includes the three links zodbot prints out after the meeting is ended.
Subject: Editorial board meeting recap YYYY-Mmm-DD
The following types of articles generally can route around the weekly meetings. This helps us get critical information out to the audience without waiting for the next board meeting.
**Security updates:** Critical security updates that affect a broad user audience are pre-authorized. Generally an editor will write the update article. If possible, one other editor does a quick spot check. If that would affect the timing, however, the posting editor simply publishes the article and notifies the magazine list. An example is a Firefox security issue.