You may also want to check the QA calendar for upcoming test days so that we can expect a new post submission. These tend to come in with very short notice, so the Editor of the Week should use their best judgment in deciding when to publish.
#info Are there any upcoming test days?
#link https://calendar.fedoraproject.org/QA/
Also check the release schedule for upcoming tasks. This is generally only important a few weeks before the Beta and Final releases, but it doesn't hurt to check just to keep it in mind.
#info Review release schedule
#link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-<N>/f-<N>-magazine-tasks.html
(where <N> is the release being developed)
3/ Finished articles to review
#topic 3/ Finished articles to review
#info Looking at the 'review' column, let's decide which articles are good to go. Move each either to the 'to edit' (finished) or to the 'in progress' (needs more work) and provide feedback.
#link Board: https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/asamalik-fedora-magazine/kanban
Authors mark their articles as finished by moving them to this column. Review the articles and ehtier move them to the To Edit column, or in case they need some additional work, ask the author in the card about it and move it back the In Progress.
4/ Articles to edit
#topic 4/ Articles to edit
#info Looking at the 'to edit' column, assign an editor and a cover image creator.
#link Board: https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/asamalik-fedora-magazine/kanban
Assign an editor and a cover image designer to each article so it can be moved forward.
5/ Publishing schedule
#topic 5/ Publishing schedule
#info Looking at the 'queued' and 'to edit' columns, decide the publishing schedule for the next week period.
#info If there is not enough content, we might also need to look at the 'in progress' or even the 'article spec' columns come up with additional content.
#link Board: https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/asamalik-fedora-magazine/kanban
Setting the publishing schedule for the upcoming week period is one of the main goals of this meeting.
Decide which articles should be published when and set the dates for each card on the board.
The next step is to vote on the publishing schedule along with other attendees of the meeting. A proposal of the schedule has the following format:
#proposed #agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE:
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) -- 
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) --
DAY DATE, NAME (NICK:edit/NICK:image) --
This can be generated by a script. Run:
$ podman run --rm -it asamalik/magazine-schedule
The script consumes data from the individual cards, so please make sure the date, and the assignees are set properly.