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Additionally, elements in each screen can be toggled using their respective shortcuts. These shortcuts are highlighted (underlined) when you hold down the kbd:[Alt] key; to toggle that element, press kbd:[Alt + _X_pass:attributes[{blank}]], where _X_ is the highlighted letter.
Your current keyboard layout is displayed in the top right hand corner. Only one layout is configured by default; if you configure more than layout in the `Keyboard Layout` screen (xref:sect-installation-gui-keyboard-layout[Keyboard Layout]), you can switch between them by clicking the layout indicator.
Some screens will be automatically configured depending on your hardware and the type of media you used to start the installation. You can still change the detected settings in any screen. Screens which have not been automatically configured, and therefore require your attention before you begin the installation, are marked by an exclamation mark. You cannot start the actual installation process before you finish configuring these settings.
You cannot configure any advanced storage methods (LVM, software RAID, FCoE, zFCP and iSCSI).