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English Urdu (Pakistan)
Each screen in the graphical interface contains a `Help` button. This button opens the [application]*Yelp* help browser displaying the section of the _{PRODUCT} Installation Guide_ relevant to the current screen.
You can also control the graphical installer with your keyboard. Use kbd:[Tab] and kbd:[Shift + Tab] to cycle through active control elements (buttons, check boxes, etc.) on the current screen, kbd:[Up] and kbd:[Down] arrow keys to scroll through lists, and kbd:[Left] and kbd:[Right] to scroll through horizontal toolbars or table entries. kbd:[Space] or kbd:[Enter] can be used to select or remove a highlighted item from selection and to expand and collapse drop-down menus.
Additionally, elements in each screen can be toggled using their respective shortcuts. These shortcuts are highlighted (underlined) when you hold down the kbd:[Alt] key; to toggle that element, press kbd:[Alt + _X_pass:attributes[{blank}]], where _X_ is the highlighted letter.
Your current keyboard layout is displayed in the top right hand corner. Only one layout is configured by default; if you configure more than layout in the `Keyboard Layout` screen (xref:sect-installation-gui-keyboard-layout[Keyboard Layout]), you can switch between them by clicking the layout indicator.