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The Manual Partitioning screen
Click the `+` button at the bottom of the list showing existing mount points. A new dialog window will open.
In the new dialog window, specify a mount point for which you want to create a separate software RAID partition - for example, `/`. Optionally, specify a size for the new partition using standard units such as MB or GB (for example, `50GB`). Then, click `Add mount point` to add the mount point and return to the main partitioning screen.
When creating a mount point for swap on software RAID, specify the mount point as `swap`.
In the `Device(s)` section on the right side of the screen, you can see that the partition has been assigned to several physical disks. Click the `Modify` button to configure on which drives this partition will be created.
After you finish configuring the partition's location, click `Save` to return to the main `Manual Partitioning` screen.
Configure other settings specific to the partition - its `Mount Point`, `Desired Capacity`, and `File System`. Press `Update Settings` to apply any changes to the configuration.
Repeat this procedure for any additional standard partitions with software RAID you want to create.