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Installation Summary 安装摘要
The `Installation Summary` screen is the central location for setting up an installation. Most of the options which can be configured during the installation can be accessed from here. 安装摘要页面在安装程序中处于枢纽的地位,绝大多数的安装选项都可以从这里访问。
The Installation Summary screen 安装摘要页面
anaconda/SummaryHub.png anaconda/SummaryHub.png
If you used a Kickstart option or a boot option to specify an installation repository on a network, but no network is available at the start of the installation, the installer will display the `Network Configuration` screen for you to set up a network connection prior to displaying the `Installation Summary` screen. 如果你通过引导选项或者 Kickstart 配置文件指定安装来源为网络上的软件仓库,然而网络在安装开始的时候却不可用,那么安装程序将会在显示安装摘要页面之前显示网络配置页面。
The summary screen consists of several links to other screens, separated into categories. These links can be in several different states, which are graphically indicated: 安装摘要页面包含了若干个跳转到其它页面的链接,这些链接以类别的形式组织起来。对于每一个链接,都有着下面几种状态:
A *warning symbol* (yellow triangle with an exclamation mark) next to an icon means that a screen requires your attention before you start the installation. This typically happens with the `Installation Destination` screen, because even though there is a default automatic partitioning variant, you always have to at least confirm this selection, even if you do not want to make any changes. 图标旁边显示着 *警告标志* (带有感叹号的黄色三角形)意味着在开始安装之前需要额外留意这个页面。通常安装路径页面对应的链接在初始时就是这样的,尽管有自动分区功能,但我们仍然要求你至少进入这个页面进行确认,哪怕你什么都不修改。
If a link is *greyed out*, it means that the installer is currently configuring this section, and you must wait for the configuration to finish before accessing that screen. This typically happens when you change the installation source in the `Installation Source` screen and the installer is probing the new source location and gathering a list of available packages. 链接文字 *变灰* 意味着安装程序正在对这个页面的选项进行设置,在访问这个页面之前你必须等待安装程序完成有关的设置。当你修改了安装来源后通常就会有这种情况发生,这是因为安装程序会花上一点时间探测新的安装来源并获取可用软件包列表。
Screens with *black text and no warning symbol* mean that this screen does not require your attention. You can still change your settings in these screens, but it is not necessary to do so to complete the installation. This typically happens with localization settings, as these are either detected automatically, or set up on the previous screen where you select your language and locale. 链接文字 *黑色且无警告标志* 意味着这个页面无需你的特别留意。你依然可以进入这个页面并进行一些改动,但是这对于完成安装来说不再是必要的。这常见于区域设置页面,因为这个页面的选项基本都被预先探测或在欢迎页配置妥当了。
A warning message is displayed at the bottom of the summary screen, and the `Begin Installation` button is greyed out, as long as at least one item has not been configured yet. 页面底部显示有警告信息,开始安装按钮被禁用,这意味着存在没有完成配置的选项。
Icon States in Installation Summary 安装摘要页的状态图标
A screenshot of several icons in the Installation Summary screen 安装摘要页面图标示例截屏
anaconda/SummaryHub_States.png anaconda/SummaryHub_States.png
Each screen also has an explanatory text below its title, showing settings currently configured in that screen. This text may be concatenated; in that case, move your mouse cursor over it and wait until a tooltip with the full text appears. 每个页面的标题下方都有解释性的文字,显示当前页面已经配置的内容。有时候显示出来的内容会被精简,在必要的时候可以将鼠标移到上面以获得完整的文字内容。
Tooltip in the Installation Summary 安装摘要页的提示框
An entry in the Installation Summary shows a truncated description and a tooltip with full text. 安装摘要的每个栏目都包含着精简过的描述信息和能显示完整信息的提示框。
anaconda/SummaryHub_Mouseover.png anaconda/SummaryHub_Mouseover.png
Once you configure everything required for the installation, you can press the `Begin Installation` button to start installing {PRODUCT}. This will take you to xref:install/Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-installation-progress[Configuration and Installation Progress]. Note that as the text below this button says, nothing will be written to your hard drive before you press this button. You can press `Quit` at any point; this will discard all changes you made in the installer so far and reboot the system. 当你配置好安装所需的一起事物,你就可以点击开始安装按钮以安装 {PRODUCT} 。这会将你重定向到 xref:install/Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-installation-progress[安装进程] 页面。请注意在点击这个按钮之前,我们不会对你的硬盘作任何的改动。你可以随时退出安装程序,此时我们会撤销你所有的设置并为你重启系统。