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You can then proceed with xref:install/Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#chap-installing-using-anaconda[Installing Using Anaconda].
When this message is displayed, the VNC viewer is ready and waiting for an incoming connection from the installation system.
When the connection is successfully established, a new window will open on the system running the VNC viewer, displaying the installation menu. This window will provide full remote access to the installer until the installation finishes and the system reboots for the first time.
When installing headless systems, the only choices are an automated Kickstart installation or an interactive VNC installation using connect mode. For more information about automated Kickstart installation, see xref:appendixes/Kickstart_Syntax_Reference.adoc#appe-kickstart-syntax-reference[Kickstart Syntax Reference]. The general process for an interactive VNC installation is described below.
VNC Direct Mode is when the VNC viewer initiates a connection to the system being installed. [application]*Anaconda* will tell you when to initiate this connection.
VNC connect mode is when the system being installed initiates a connection to the VNC viewer running on a remote system. Before you start, make sure the remote system is configured to accept incoming connection on the port you want to use for VNC. The exact way to make sure the connection will not be blocked depends on your network and on your workstation's configuration. Information about configuring the firewall in {PRODUCT} is available in the [citetitle]_{PRODUCT} Security{nbsp}Guide_, available at link:++https://docs.fedoraproject.org/++[].
Visual and Interactive access to the system
Use a temporary password for the [option]#inst.vncpassword=# option. It should not be a real or root password you use on any system.
To install any of the viewers listed above, execute the following command as `root`:
To allow manual installations on _headless systems_ (systems without a directly connected display, keyboard and mouse), the [application]*Anaconda* installation program includes a _Virtual Network Computing_ (VNC) mode which allows the graphical mode of the installation program to run locally, but display on another system connected to the network. The VNC installation provides you with the full range of installation options.
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This chapter provides instructions on activating VNC mode on the installation system and connecting to it using a VNC viewer.
The terminal will display a message similar to the following example:
The graphical installation interface is the recommended method of installing {PRODUCT}. However, in some cases, accessing the graphical interface directly is difficult or impossible. Some systems lack the capability to connect a display and a keyboard, making VNC a necessity for manual (non-Kickstart) installations.
The following VNC viewers are available in {PRODUCT}: