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English Sinhala
Various fixes related to the new publishing system
Updates in Recommended Partitioning Scheme and Advice on Partitions in the Manual Partitioning section of the installation chapter
Updates in Kickstart: [command]#%anaconda#, [command]#%addon#, [command]#sshkey#, [command]#pwpolicy#
Updates in boot options: [option]#inst.dnf# replaced with [option]#inst.nodnf#, added [option]#inst.kdump_addon=#
Updated the Fedora Media Writer chapter (link:++[issue 7])
Updated image verification instructions for Mac (link:++[issue 15])
Typo fixes
Tue Oct 30 2018, Petr Bokoč (
Tue Dec 17 2013, Petr Bokoč (
The `authconfig` Kickstart command is now deprecated and replaced by `authselect` (link:++[issue 6])
Sun Dec 21 2014, Zach Oglesby (
Revision History
Removed a mention of a no longer available rescue image (link:++[issue 4])
References to [application]*Yum* replaced with [application]*DNF* (the new default package manager)
Publishing for Fedora 21
Publishing for Fedora 20
Parts of the network boot setup chapter have been updated with correct URLs
Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Fedora.
New Kickstart commands and options: `url`, `network --bindto=`, and LUKS-related options for `autopart`, `part`, `logvol`, and `raid`.
New boot options: `inst.stag2.all=`, `inst.ks.all=`, `inst.xtimeout=`, `inst.decorated=`