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Revision History
Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Fedora.
Tue Oct 30 2018, Petr Bokoč (
Fedora 29 Final release
All external links are now converted to HTTPS where applicable (link:++[issue 3])
Removed a mention of a no longer available rescue image (link:++[issue 4])
New Kickstart commands and options: `url`, `network --bindto=`, and LUKS-related options for `autopart`, `part`, `logvol`, and `raid`.
The `authconfig` Kickstart command is now deprecated and replaced by `authselect` (link:++[issue 6])
New boot options: `inst.stag2.all=`, `inst.ks.all=`, `inst.xtimeout=`, `inst.decorated=`
Updated the Fedora Media Writer chapter (link:++[issue 7])
Updated image verification instructions for Mac (link:++[issue 15])
Various fixes related to the new publishing system
Mon Jun 20 2016, Clayton Spicer (
Fedora 24 Final release
Added boot option [option]#inst.nosave=#
Typo fixes
Mon Nov 02 2015, Petr Bokoč (