Specifies the keyboard layout to be used by the installation program. Layout codes are the same as the ones used in the [command]#keyboard# Kickstart command as described in xref:appendixes/Kickstart_Syntax_Reference.adoc#appe-kickstart-syntax-reference[Kickstart Syntax Reference].
This option controls the usage of _zRAM_ swap during the installation. It creates a compressed block device inside the system RAM and uses it for swap space instead of the hard drive. This allows the installer to essentially increase the amount of memory available, which makes the installation faster on systems with low memory.
By default, swap on zRAM is enabled on systems with 2 GB or less RAM, and disabled on systems with more than 2 GB of memory. You can use this option to change this behavior - on a system with more than 2 GB RAM, use [option]#inst.zram=1# to enable it, and on systems with 2 GB or less memory, use [option]#inst.zram=0# to disable this feature.
Specifies the location of the `updates.img` file to be applied to the installation program runtime. The syntax is the same as in the [option]#inst.repo# option - see xref:Boot_Options.adoc#tabl-boot-options-sources[Installation Sources] for details. In all formats, if you do not specify a file name but only a directory, the installation program will look for a file named `updates.img`.