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Initial Setup
The `Initial Setup` screen is shown after the installation finishes and the installed system boots for the first time, before the first login, assuming the following conditions have been met:
Your software selection contained a graphical environment (for example, you installed the system using a {PRODUCT} Workstation live image).
The graphical environment you have installed is *not* [application]*GNOME Desktop Environment* (it provides its own initial setup utility which is described in xref:After_Installation.adoc#sect-gnome-initial-setup[GNOME Initial Setup]).
The [package]*initial-setup* package has been installed.
You have not configured every screen available in the graphical installer.
The main Initial Setup screen. This example shows all options; not all of them may be shown
[application]*Initial Setup* allows you to configure several system settings. All of these can also be configured during the installation, but they are not required to finish it. Only the settings which have *not* been configured during the installation will be shown; for example, if you did not create a non-`root` user account during the installation, [application]*Initial Setup* will start after the first reboot, and you will be able to configure one. If you configured all available options during the instalaltion, [application]*Initial Setup* will not be displayed at all.
To configure any aspect of the system available in the utility, click any of the links available in the main window (for example, `Create User`). Each link leads to a separate screen with separate options; these screens are the same ones which were available during the graphical installation. If you need help, press `Help` in the top left corner to open a new window containing directions for that screen.
After you finish configuring any screen, press the `Done` button in the top left corner to return to the main [application]*Initial Setup* menu. After you finish configuring all settings, click `Finish Configuration` in the bottom right corner to save all configured settings. The configuration utility will close and you will be able to log in to the system.
It is possible to configure [application]*Initial Setup* to display all available options, even if they have been already configured during the installation. To do so, you must use a Kickstart file at the start of the installation, and this file must contain the following command:
firstboot --enable --reconfig
The [option]#--reconfig# option specifies that all options should be displayed. See xref:advanced/Kickstart_Installations.adoc#chap-kickstart-installations[Automating the Installation with Kickstart] for information about Kickstart installations.
Normally, it is not possible to return to [application]*Initial Setup* after you close it and log in to the system. You can make it display again (after the next reboot, before a login prompt is displayed), by executing the following command as `root`:
# systemctl enable initial-setup-graphical.service
Then, reboot your system.