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Date & Time
Screenshot of the Date & Time screen
The switch labeled `Network Time` in the top right corner of the screen can be used to enable or disable network time synchronization using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). Enabling this option will keep your system time correct as long as the system can access the internet. By default, four NTP _pools_ are configured; you can add others and disable or remove the default ones by clicking the gear wheel button next to the switch.
The Add and mark for usage NTP servers dialog
A dialog window allowing you to add or remove NTP pools from your system configuration
If you disable network time synchronization, the controls at the bottom of the screen will become active, and you will be able to set the current time and date manually.
After configuring your time and date settings, press the `Done` button in the top left corner to return to xref:Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-installation-summary[Installation Summary].