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Creating USB Media with Fedora Media Writer.
On Fedora 25 or later, you can download Fedora Media Writer with the command:
You can call [application]*Fedora Media Writer* by issuing the command:
or in [application]*Gnome 3* by selecting *Activities,* then selecting *Utilities*, and then selecting [application]*Fedora Media Writer*.
Creating USB Media on Macintosh
Download the latest Macintosh Disk Image (the package will have a .dmg extension) from Marin Briza's github page: link:++[].
Open the .dmg file and copy the mediawriter file into your applications folder.
Navigate to your applications directory, and then launch the mediawriter app.
Mac OS will then ask if you are sure you want to open the file (it is from the internet after all), select "Open" to run the program.
Use the [command]#dd# utility to write the image. *Make sure you have the right drive!*