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In addition to creating a bootable USB flash drive, you can also use the provided ISO images to create bootable optical media (a CD or DVD). This approach may be necessary when installing {PRODUCT} on an older system which can not boot from USB.
The exact steps you need to take to burn a bootable CD or DVD from an ISO image will vary depending on what disc burning software you use. This procedure only offers a general overview.
Insert a blank CD or DVD into your system's CD or DVD burner.
Open your system's burning software - for example, [application]*Brasero* on {PRODUCT} systems with [application]*GNOME* desktop environment, or [application]*Nero* on Windows systems. In the software's main menu, find an option which lets you burn an ISO image to a disc. For example, in [application]*Brasero*, this option is `Burn image` in the main menu on the left side of the window.
When prompted, select the ISO image of {PRODUCT} to be burned, and the CD or DVD burner with a blank disc inside (if you have more than one drive).
Confirm your selection, and wait for the disc to be burned.