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The articles in the Quick Docs section need some care and updating.
Exploring possible synergy effects of a cooperation between CentOS and Fedora documentation
Both distribution share a lot of code and a large number of almost identical administrative routines. It should be possible to achieve improvements for both documentation projects by joint work and coordinating efforts.
Where to find Fedora docs team Où trouver l’équipe de documentation de Fedora
Please, contact us at any of our communication channels
Fedora discussion forum
IRC channel Canal IRC
#fedora-docs on Libera IRC
Matrix room Salon Matrix
#docs:fedora.im {MATRIX}[#docs:fedora.im]
Weekly IRC meeting
Each Wednesday, 18:30 UTC at #fedora-meeting-1
Have a look on our working infrastructure
We track meta-work in the https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/docs-fp-o/issues[docs-fp-o repo].
If you managed to read this far
**Please, contact us using one of the above channels**. You are highly ‘suspect’ to become a very helpful and respected member of our team. Don’t hesitate.