A longer term work to better adapt the documentation to the current structure of the Fedora distribution and update it at the same time. Lead: pboy
Anyone can contribute to the Fedora documentation. No special skills are necessary. And there are many ways and options to constructively contribute to Fedora documentation.
Both distribution share a lot of code and a large number of almost identical administrative routines. It should be possible to achieve improvements for both documentation projects by joint work and coordinating efforts.
content writer and editor
Coordination and looking for synergy of CentOS and Fedora docs groups
curate the Quick Docs collection of documentation
Curation of the Quick Docs collection
Currently, there is a group of steady contributors, who will be eager to help if you have questions about the documentation or how to contribute:
Currently, there is no style guide resulting in an inconsistent typography and unpleasant presentation of our docs.
Currently, we are a small but productive team. And we don’t necessarily want to be a small team in the long run. If you are interested in creating and shaping valuable information or would like to share your own knowledge and experience, please join us.
Developing a style guide
Each Wednesday, 18:30 UTC at #fedora-meeting-1
exclude old docs from search enignes
Exploring possible synergy effects of a cooperation between CentOS and Fedora documentation
Fedora discussion forum
#fedora-docs on Libera IRC
Fedora Documentation Team
Fedora Documentation Team logo with Fedora Trademark; book pages in the background.