Fedora Documentation Team
Fedora Documentation Team logo with Fedora Trademark; book pages in the background.
The Fedora Documentation Team is responsible for the management, curation, and publishing of the documentation hosted at https://docs.fedoraproject.org[docs.fedoraproject.org].
What we are doing
manage and curate the docs landing page
maintain the Fedora Linux XX pages
maintain the release notes
maintain the documentation CI chain
maintain and update generic documentation
curate the Quick Docs collection of documentation
Who we are
The documentation team is a _peer group_ with many members involved in very different ways. Especially important: You do not have to become a "member" to contribute to the documentation. __Anyone can contribute__! So it's rather the other way around: if you contribute a text or a correction, you basically become a "peer".
And by the way, _no special skills_ are necessary to be able to contribute. There are many ways and options to constructively doing so. Some are amazingly easy to use successfully without much effort - __just 7 steps away__.
If you are interested in creating and shaping valuable information or would like to share your own knowledge and experience, don't hesitate to join us. And don't be afraid that you will have to make a long-term commitment at the same time. We know many different ways and intensities of contributing. See the xref:charter.adoc[team charter] for information on how we are organized.
The Board
The Board's task is to coordinate and organize the work of the documentation team. Current members are
Organizer, coordinator and firefighter