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Fedora Documentation Style Guide
Editors note: First draft to be discussed. Please do not quote publicly and do not link publicly.
Typografic style guide
Use capitalization case for title (h1) and just title
Capatilize the article title, but just the title.
_Incorrect_: Fedora documentation style guide
_Correct_: Fedora Documentation Style Guide
Use sentence case for the post title and heading titles
Don’t capitalize words in your article title or any heading, other than proper nouns.
_Incorrect_: Technical Notes and Processes
_Correct_: Technical notes and processes
Less is more
Use boldface only for an extremely important phrase or statement. Use italics to emphazise text.
Use italics for system objects you mention in a sentence
GUI or CLI elements like button text or menu entries other prompts the reader must find on the screen commands or package names
Use the preformatted source text for command line input or output
Use a shell prompt ($ or #) to indicate priviledge level and set the input apart from output. It also helps to use boldface for the input itself.
[source,] ---- […]# command arg1 arg2 output line 1 output line2 ----
Use Admonitions very sparingly
They strongly interrupt the reading flow and thus make it difficult to grasp a section of text or even the article as a whole in a meaningful way.