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Prerequisites Pré-requisitos
The only requirements for contributing documentation updates to Fedora Docs are: Os únicos requisitos para contribuir com atualizações de documentação para o Fedora Docs são:
A link:++https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/++[Fedora Account System] (FAS) account. Uma conta no link:++https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/++[*Fedora Account System*] (*FAS*).
You must have signed the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Fedora_Project_Contributor_Agreement[Fedora Project Contributor Agreement] in FAS (in your profile, go to "Settings" -> "Agreements"). Deve ter concordado com o https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Fedora_Project_Contributor_Agreement[Contrato de Contribuidor do Projeto Fedora] da FAS (veja https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/group/view/cla_done[aqui])
You will need a basic knowledge of the *AsciiDoc* markup language, which is used to write the documentation pages (see xref:asciidoc-fedora:markup.adoc[AsciiDoc for Fedora]). Conhecimento básico da linguagem de marcação *AsciiDoc* (consulte https://asciidoctor.org/docs/asciidoc-syntax-quick-reference/[Referência rápida para a sintaxe do AsciiDoc])
You can xref:contributing-to-existing-docs.adoc#_editing_online_in_pagure[modify/edit documentation pages directly in your browser] (without installing any new tools/software on your computer). For larger updates which may be easier to work on offline, you may also need the following:
A plaintext editor, preferably with AsciiDoc syntax highlighting to work on the documentation pages. e.g., [application]`vim`, [application]`emacs`, [application]`Atom`, [application]`VSCode`. Um editor de texto simples, como [application]`vim`, [application]`emacs`, [application]`Atom`, [application]`VSCode`, etc., preferencialmente com realce de sintaxe AsciiDoc.
[application]`git` (see xref::git.adoc[Git for docs writers]). [application]`git` (consulte xref::git.adoc[Git para escritores de documentação])
[application]`Podman` or [application]`Docker CE` to test your changes offline. [application]`Podman` se você usa um sistema operacional Linux, tal como o Fedora, ou [application]`Docker CE` se você usa macOS.