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Stream metadata
Metadata about Fedora CoreOS is available in a custom JSON format, called "stream metadata". For maintaining automation, it is expected that you will interact with this stream metadata.
The format is stable, and intended to be relatively self-documenting. There is not yet a JSON schema. However, in most web browsers, navigating to the URL will render the JSON in an easy-to-read form.
Canonical URL
The URL for the `stable` stream is: https://builds.coreos.fedoraproject.org/streams/stable.json You can similarly replace `stable` here with other available xref:update-streams.adoc[Update Streams].
Using coreos-installer to download
The `coreos-installer` tool has built-in support for fetching artifacts:
coreos-installer download --decompress -s $STREAM -p openstack -f qcow2.xz
Using coreos/stream-metadata-go
There is an official https://github.com/coreos/stream-metadata-go[coreos/stream-metadata-go] library for software written in the Go programming language. The `README.md` file in that repository contains a link to example code.
Example: Script ec2 CLI
Fetch the latest `x86_64` AMI in `us-west-1` and use it to launch an instance:
$ AMI=$(curl -sSL https://builds.coreos.fedoraproject.org/streams/stable.json | jq -r '.architectures.x86_64.images.aws.regions["us-west-1"].image')
$ echo $AMI
$ aws ec2 run-instances --region us-west-1 --image-id "${AMI}" ...