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To boot with the `rootfs` artifact, make one of the following changes to your PXE config:
Specify both `initramfs` and `rootfs` files as initrds in your PXE configuration. This can be done via multiple `initrd` directives, or using additional `initrd=` parameters as kernel arguments.
Concatenate the `initramfs` and `rootfs` files together, and specify the combined file as the initrd.
Specify only the `initramfs` file as the initrd, and pass an HTTP(S) URL for the `rootfs` using the `coreos.live.rootfs_url=` kernel argument.
For more information on this change, see the https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/390[tracker issue].
Before August 2020, the Fedora CoreOS PXE image included two components: a `kernel` image and an `initramfs` image. Beginning in August, a third `rootfs` image was added. As of October 6, the `rootfs` image is mandatory and the live PXE system will not boot without it.