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While the Vultr documentation mentions `cloud-init` and scripts, FCOS does not support `cloud-init` or the ability to run scripts from user-data. It accepts only Ignition configuration files.
You also need to have access to a Vultr account. The examples below use the https://github.com/vultr/vultr-cli[vultr-cli] and https://s3tools.org/s3cmd[s3cmd] command-line tools. Both of these tools are available in Fedora and can be installed via `sudo dnf install vultr-cli s3cmd`.
You can now create a FCOS Vultr instance using the snapshot ID above.
You can now get the IP address of the instance by running `vultr-cli instance list`.
You'll need to wait for the snapshot to finish processing before using it. Monitor with `*vultr-cli snapshot list*`.