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Core Teams
xref:package-maintainers:ROOT:index.adoc[**Fedora Package Maintainers**] — Documentation for community members involved in Fedora package maintenance. xref:containers:ROOT:index.adoc[**Fedora Conteneurs**] — Vous trouverez ici la documentation et les directives concernant la création, l’utilisation et l’entretien des conteneurs dans Fedora.
xref:infra:ROOT:index.adoc[**Fedora Infrastructure**] — Everything you need to know about Fedora's infrastructure and the people running it.
xref:workstation-working-group:ROOT:index.adoc[**Workstation Working Group**] — Information about the group behind Fedora Workstation
xref:server-working-group::index.adoc[**Server Working Group**] - Information about the work on Fedora Server Edition
xref:iot:ROOT:index.adoc[**IoT**] — Fedora's Internet of Things platform. xref:ci:ROOT:index.adoc[**Intégration continue Fedora**] — Portail Fedora pour l’intégration continue
Initiatives & Special Interest Teams
xref:releases:ROOT:index.adoc[**Releases**] — Information about release planning and processes.
xref:defensive-coding:ROOT:index.adoc[**Defensive Coding Guide**] — Guidelines for improving software security in Fedora through secure coding.