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Fedora Linux 36 Fedora 34
Documentation covering the most recent release, Fedora Linux 36. 覆盖了最新的发行版 Fedora 34 的文档。
Fedora Linux 35 Fedora 34
Documentation covering the Fedora Linux 35 release. 适用于 Fedora 33 的文档。
How tos and tutorials for using and configuring Fedora Linux. 使用和配置 Fedora 的步骤和教程。
Are you using Fedora Linux on a server? This section is for you. 您正在服务器上使用 Fedora 吗?这是为您准备的部分。
Strong foundation for IoT projects at home, industrial gateways, smart cities or analytics with AI/ML.
Immutable desktop variant of Fedora Workstation and an excellent platform for container-focused workflows.
Fedora Kinoite Fedora 物联网版(IoT)
Immutable desktop variant of Fedora featuring the KDE Plasma desktop and container-focused workflows.
Fedora Linux Rawhide Fedora Rawhide
Draft documentation targeting future Fedora Linux releases. 未来的 Fedora 发行版的文档的草稿。
Older Fedora Linux user documentation. 较早版本的 Fedora 用户文档。
Program Management
Release planning, scheduling, and status tracking.
Learn about packaging for Fedora Linux — from both a policy and a technical perspective. 了解 Fedora 的软件打包——从策略和技术层面。